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With words, we can change our minds. With our minds, we can change the world.

Alissa graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico in 1992, has been writing novels for over a dozen years, and founded Raven's Perch Press in 2006. Alissa's Tarot and spirituality column is a regular local feature, while her articles appeared as cover stories for various periodicals and online publications. Her short stories cover as many genres as her novels, appealing to a variety of audiences on subject matters which she feels passionately about.
Slave Of God Cover Picture
by Alissa Hall
Over a millennium ago, the Indian princess Lakshimi Cholan abandoned her royal status to become a temple slave. Under the tutelage of Master Mananda, Lakshimi is introduced to the mysteries of Tantra-the ancient art of sacred sexuality. When the scheming Swami Bhagwan forces Mananda's decision to leave the temple, Lakshimi must decide if her obedience to God, or her love for her Master will rule the decisions of her heart. Adult historical fiction.
The Thinnest Girl Alive Cover Picture
by Alissa Hall
Celia Dave is determined to become a professional ballerina. Once selected to attend an elite summer camp for the state's most talented dancers, the opportunity of a lifetime soon takes a dangerous new turn as her dorm mate, Erin Murphy, introduces her to a lifestyle of eating disorders and drug abuse. As Celia's life begins to spin out of her control, she must decide if she can conquer the demon inside, or if she will succumb to its demands until it kills her. Young adult fiction, ages 13 and up.