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Personal Growth Tarot Spreads Picture
Compiled and Edited by Alissa Hall
Tarot is an ideal tool for self-knowledge and spiritual and personal growth. With this eBook, you can use your own tarot cards in more than 20 original spreads that are designed to increase self-awareness, remove blocks in your life, find your life purpose, and help you in times of hardship.

Love Relationship Tarot Spreads Written by Members of Aeclectic Tarot Forum Picture
Compiled and Edited by Alissa Hall
Improve your love life with over 20 original tarot spreads, designed to help you attain love and have the best love life possible. With categories such as Potential Relationships, Existing Relationships, Problem Solving for Relationships and Moving On, each spread is unique, and specially designed to find and keep your ideal relationship.

Aeclectic Tarot Spreads Cover Picture
Compiled and Edited by Alissa Hall
The ultimate Tarot spreads ebook, with spreads for questions on Love and Relationships, Career and Money, Family and Pets, Self Awareness, Spiritual Path, Creativity, General Outlook, Spreads for Tarot Readers and much more! Features over 40 spreads to add to your Tarot library.

Exposing the Demon Cover Picture
After 13 years of anorexia and bulimia, I healed myself through meditation and prayer, and tried to forget my disorder. But when others asked for my help so they too could recover, my compassion and sympathy overruled that decision. "Exposing the Demon" uncovers the internal source of an eating disorder by examining it in a metaphysical light, and instructs the reader to use her emotions, imagination and spirit to regain her health... not for a while, but for good.