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By expanding our vision of reality, we redefine ourselves in relation to that vision,
and allow new possibilities to manifest in our lives.

Alissa began reading Tarot cards over 20 years ago, and has devoted many years of her adult life to studying various fields of metaphysics – including palmistry, runes and karmic path advisement, as well as Tarot. A professional reader since 2002, Alissa is available for evening and weekend reading appointments, as well as larger events.

Tarot Readings PictureTarot readings - $60 hourly, averaging $20 a spread
Tarot opens doors inside, allowing new perspectives to be given a voice. My in-depth readings are custom designed to each client’s specific needs, with no formulas, no pre-set Tarot spreads or card positions… your reading will be tailored to you, and only you. Schedule a reading
Palm Readings PicturePalm readings - $30
Palmistry can give us insight into our true character–as mysterious as the innermost workings of the mind, the lines on our palm change to reflect our authentic self. Schedule a reading
Past Life Readings PicturePast Life Tarot readings – $60 hourly, averaging $30 per spread
As a Hindu, I subscribe to the theory of reincarnation. Curiosity about our spiritual path and our true self can lead to questions regarding our previous lives. Schedule a reading
Tarot and Rune Readings PictureTarot and Rune reading combination - $60 hourly, averaging $30-60 spread
Runes were the alphabet of the Nordic people, and their use as an oracle devise has been practiced for centuries. By combining the straight-forward messages from the Runes with the in-depth insight of the Tarot, a unique reading can be had, giving a variety of input for the querent. Schedule a reading
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