Alissa Hall


Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Performer

A performer since I was young, theater has been my lifelong passion. There is nothing more formative in our culture than storytelling, and theater is a place of transformation, entertainment and even compassion. Whether onstage or backstage, I love working in many theater settings, large and small.

Henna Artist

Henna is a temporary body art design that uses plant dyes to create wearable art, lasting 7-10 days. It's often used during celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, religious holidays, special events of many sorts and sometimes just for fun!

Tarot & Palm Reader

I believe insight can come from many sources, including reading palms or Tarot. A practitioner for nearly 3 decades, and having taught many courses in both subjects, I have a deep and abiding interest in metaphysical wisdom. Booking everything from personal readings, small or large events, and even lecture series!


If you share an interest in all things metaphysical, but don't want to wade through the "woo-woo," this is your podcast. Is it true you can't buy your own deck of cards? How do you read a Life line? What are amethyst crystals good for? So many topics, over 100 podcasts and videos!

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